Thursday, December 08, 2005

Teddy Gets Wired (and it Doesn't Involve Chivas)

Sitting in an airport this afternoon, I picked up a recent copy of U.S. News and World Report. According to the magazine, Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy is a fan of the blogosphere, getting a daily summary of musings from Daily Kos and other liberal sites. Apparently, Ted's staff has to compile a summary for him, since he can't use a computer. Not real surprise there; as I recall, Teddy's had problems in the past with devices that require navigation skills.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Ted. And, in case your staff is looking for material for your next blog summary, here are a couple of thoughts. You're a fat old drunk whose feckless comments are undermining the war effort and endangering the lives of our troops. And one more thing: in a just world, you'd be a recently-parolled felon, drinking away your trust fund on Martha's Vineyard with your liberal pals.

Stick that in your summary.

1 comment:

Wanderlust said...

don't hold back, spook86, tell Senator Chivas (he who castigated Nixon over someone having a "different set of rules [for the high and mighty]" during Watergate) how you really feel.

F*cking bastard Teddy is embarrassment to his country, an apostate to his religion, and a hemorrhoid on the ass of humanity.

May he rot in Hell.