Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Remember the money FEMA was handing out to victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Boston Herald discovered that some hurricane evacuees on Cape Cod are spending the money on some rather interesting items, including lap dances at the local strip club.

Of course, those $2,000 grants are chump change in the world of federal budgeting. If you want to see real fraud, waste and abuse, just wait until they start awarding some major re-building contracts in Louisiana.

Meanwhile, the Talkmaster has a novel idea on how to minimize this sort of waste during future natural disasters.

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Wanderlust said...

Come on, Spook...you have nothing to fear about Louisiana politics, waste, graft, corruption, etc. - at least, until they bring back former Governor Edwin Edwards to run reconstruction efforts.

Don't laugh. After having seen how inept both Blanco and Landrieu are (I imagine Moon is rolling in his grave right about now), the moment people in the state hear someone suggest it, they'll be after Edwards to handle it.

I'm from Chalmette, and I can remember how fuzzy the line was between politics and individuals when I grew up. And no matter how corrupt anyone thought he was, they loved Edwards enough to re-elect him time after time.

It'll happen. Watch.