Monday, October 31, 2005

The Price of Charity

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana, 77-year-old Betty Blair did what many Christians in the Houston area have done: she tried to help those displaced by the storm, and even hired three evacuees to do odd-jobs around her home.

For her charity, Mrs. Blair was murdered by those she tried to help. The Houston Chronicle has the story. Sadly, this probably won't be the last case of this type. When Katrina emptied New Orleans, it displaced more than a few thugs and criminals who now inhabit Houston and other cities.

Here's a great assignment for the MSM: whatever happened to parole records from New Orleans, and what effort--if any--is being made to track down recently-released convicts who left Louisiana after the storm?

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Wanderlust said...

Don't forget that convicts at Angola State Prison were not evacuated before the storm - and were allowed to be outside on overpasses during the flooding.

I would be surprised if some cons did not escape during that time of chaos.