Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some People Never Learn

Almost a year after Rathergate, and with ratings at or near an all-time low, The CBS Evening News is on the case of Karl Rove, and his "role" in the Plame Affair. According to the Media Research Center, CBS's coverage is as one-sided as ever. Obviously, some things never change, and some people never learn from past mistakes.

Meanwhile, a team of CBS execs are reportedly huddled in Manhattan, trying to develop a new format for their tired (and woefully one-sided) Evening News. Having worked in the broadcast biz in my younger days, I imagine CBS has hired a group of consultants to help them redesign the broadcast. Here's a bit of free advice for the folks at Black Rock: trying presenting a fair, balanced broadcast for a change, and watch your ratings skyrocket.

Of course, no one with even half a brain expects that to happen. Liberalism and bias are far too ingrained at the House That Murrow Built. CBS is spending millions to remake the Evening News, but it's time and money wasted. The network's flagship newscast is in a death spiral, and without a culture change, it's headed for the ash heap of broadcasting.

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