Monday, July 25, 2005

Have You No Decency, Madam?

Just when you thought politics (and politicians) couldn't stoop any lower, we are reminded that some of our elected officials have absolutely no sense of decency or propriety.

Case in point: Pennsylvania's Democratic (are you surprised) Lieutenant Governor, Catherine Baker Knoll. Last week, Ms. Knoll "crashed" the funeral of a Pennsylvania Marine who recently died in Iraq, Staff Sergeant Joseph Goodrich. Lt Gov Knoll showed up at Sergeant Goodrich's funeral unannounced and turned the service into a political event, passing out her business card, and announcing that "our government is against the war."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been on this story from the start. Blackfive has a link to the original story, which appeared in the Saturday edition of that paper. Post-Gazette columnist Jack Kelly has additional thoughts in his blog regarding the political fallout from the incident. Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell has already apologized for his Lt Gov's conduct, and is urging Ms. Knoll to send her own letter of apology.

And Democrats wonder why 75% of the nation's military personnel voted Republican in 2004.

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