Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Wrong Side of History..

From, Hizballah, the self-styled "Party of God" that defines modern terrorism, comes a vote for the status quo in Lebanon. Borrowing a tactic from the Democratic Party's "rent a crowd" playbook, Hizbollah staged a massive rally in Beirut today, "thanking" Syria for its 30-year occupation of Lebanon. Many of the protestors (conveniently) carried signs written in English, denouncing U.S. and French demands that Syria end its occupation, once and for all.

Hizballah's endorsement of Syrian occupation is no surprise. Over the past three decades, Syria's military presence has allowed the terrorist group to flourish. An end to Syria occupation could pose a threat to Hizballah, which uses Lebanon to train its operatives, and launch terrorist attacks against Israel.

It may take a while, but Hizballah (and the Syrian regime that protects it) will eventually wind up on the ash heap of history. Lest we forget, there were pro-communist rallies in the eastern bloc in the years and months leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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