Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Checkpoint in Baghdad

"Old Europe," (to borrow Don Rumsfeld's phrase) and its compatriots in our mainstream press, are still atwitter over that recent shooting of an Italian journalist by U.S. troops in Iraq. The incident occurred shortly after the journalist had been freed by her terrorist kidnappers. The reporter in question, Giluliana Sgrena, claims that she was deliberately targeted, because the U.S. opposes negotiations with terrorists. In today's issue of the Washington Times, Rowan Scarborough puts the incident in an entirely different light. Seems that Ms. Sgrena's rescuer (an Italian intelligence officer who died in the shooting) failed to coordinate her escape with the U.S. military. Oops...

Roger L. Simon advanced a similar theory a couple of days ago. As a former spook, his idea sounds entirely plausible; it would be easy for the bad guys to arrange Ms. Sgrena's release, then pass word that a blacked-out, speeding car would target an American checkpoint. The result? A propaganda windfall for the terrorists, who have had little to cheer about lately.

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Learner said...

That famous communist reporter Giuliana Sgrena is claiming that an Italian intelligence agent was shot by American troops. Really?? The story she tells says that this guy was sitting next to her and threw his body across her to protect her from shots being fired from outside the car she was riding in. Really?? Newspaper reports say that he was shot in the temple.
Go out to your car and try that with a close friend. What you will find is that you wind up with your face either buried in the back cushion or the persons neck and shoulder joint. Bullets coming into the car from outside would enter the back of the head. So who shot this guy in the temple? Maybe Giuliana Sgrena did. Why? Perhaps just to embarrass the Americans and cause trouble between the Italian Government and the American Government. It would not be the first time a true believing communist did such a thing. Or, maybe the whole kidnap thing was a put up job to get 6 million dollars out of the Italian government for the "cause". Perhaps the agent discovered that and had to be killed.