Friday, April 03, 2015

Video of the Day

...courtesy of Steven Crowder, comedian, pundit and a part-time host at WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Mr. Crowder actually investigated a scenario we've been wondering about: while the mainstream media searches high and low for homophobic Christians who refuse to cater gay weddings, what would happen if you made the same request of Muslim-run establishments? 

So, Mr. Crowder sent one of his associates to a Muslim bakery in Dearborn, Michigan, where he tried to order a cake for gay wedding reception.  The results were predictable; the Koran is very clear in its position on homosexuality and apparently the bakers contacted by Crowder's colleague are observant Muslims: all refused to sell a cake for a gay wedding.

Where's the outrage?  Where are the denunciations of bigotry and homophobia?  And for that matter, where are the local stations in Detroit?  Southeastern Michigan is home to America's largest Muslim community, and with controversy swirling over the religious freedom law in neighboring Indiana, you'd think that WDIV, WXYZ, WJBK or WWJ-TV might be interested.  Ditto for the Free Press and the Detroit News.

Mr. Crowder thought so, too.  He notified the local media about the video he recorded, with a Muslim establishment clearly refusing to render services for a gay wedding, based on religious objections.  Their response?  A collective yawn.     

Just more affirmation that the current kerfuffle in Indiana isn't about gay rights or religious bigotry.  It's merely the latest attempt to force an agenda on the American public, and bully anyone who doesn't go along.  It also confirms that the left is deathly afraid of the Muslim community because they play the discrimination card as well, and know how to push back.

So, don't look for the Action News team or their counterparts at the network to barge into Dearborn, and ask a Muslim baker or photographer to justify their refusal to serve gay couples.  That sort of journalistic ambush is reserved for business owners who identify themselves as Christians.   Like the Indiana family that runs Memories Pizza.

Go figure.       



azmountaintroll said...

"Let the Wookie win".

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why do gay rights trump MY rights?

Kenny said...

He admitted in an interview given to Western Journalism that none refused him. He's not a professional journalist, has been caught in incidents like these before and is paid by anti-gay christian lobby groups to stoke outrage. His aim wasn't to say that muslims were in fact discriminating but he was trying to bait liberals to either fight amongst themselves or to say it was ok. Either outcome was ok for him.