Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cherry Picking

Democrats anxiously (read: desperately) seized on last week's Senate Intelligence Committee report as more proof that "Bush lied" about pre-war information on the Iraqi threat. As you'll recall, the senate report debunked claims that Saddam's regime had ties with Al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations before 2003.

In reality, the Senate report is a prime example of "cherry picked" intelligence. As noted by Gateway Pundit and World Net Daily, Senate investigators ignored clear evidence of post-war ties between Saddam and terrorists--information which came from the archives of the former Iraqi intelligence services.

I'm waiting for Senator Levin to tell us the captured Iraqi documents are fakes, or better yet, some sort of "plant" by Karl Rove.

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Ikez said...

There are some more holes poked in the report for you.