Friday, July 08, 2005

Death Wish

Marky Steyn's typically brillant column in today's U.K. Telegraph echoes themes that must be explored, in the wake of Thursday's terrorist attacks in London. As Steyn so aptly notes, the seeds of yesterday's bombings were sown years ago; then allowed to germinate and flourish by governments and politicians more concerned with political correctness than protecting their citizens.

In his final paragarph, Steyn cautions that a continuation of current policies is tantamout to a death wish for the west. We should hope that such warnings are being heeded in western capitals, but I'm hardly optimistic. Almost four years after 9-11, our borders remain wide-open, the ACLU is demanding "justice" for the Gitmo detainees, and liberals are openly suggesting that our military presence in Iraq is the root cause of recent terrorist attacks.

After becoming Britain's Prime Minister in the dark days of 1940, Winston Churchill noted in his journal that he went home and had a restful sleep, because "someone who knew what had to be done was finally in charge." Six decades later, the current generation of western leaders--refusing to take the steps needed to ensure our security--look more like Chamberlains than Churchills.


Conan said...

Exactly!! Good job!

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Go straight-a-way to VDH and read these two excellent essays.



July 8, 2005
The Same Old, Same Old . . .
An anatomy of the London bombing.

by Victor Davis Hanson
National Review Online

The British may react very differently than the Spanish did after Madrid — by doing nothing rather than by retreating from Iraq.

In the corrupt West these days, that is something.

We all know the score of this war now in the near four years since September 11. The London bombings should remind us how the old tired game works.


Anticipate Western leaders condemning the terrorists in the same breadth as they call for “eliminating poverty” and “bringing them to justice” — as if the jihadists and their patrons are mere wayward and impoverished felons.

In the short term, Bush and Blair will appear as islands in the storm amid an angry and anguished public. But as 7/7 fades, as did 9/11, expect them to become even more unpopular, as the voices of appeasement assure us that if they just go away, maybe so will the terrorists.

It is our task, each of us according to our station, to speak the truth to all these falsehoods, and remember that we did not inherit a wonderful civilization just to lose it to the Dark Ages.

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July 9, 2005
Jihad Is Knocking
Another Episode in the War between Christendom and Islam

by Bruce Thornton
Private Papers

The slaughter in London is another grisly wake-up call that likely will go as unheeded as earlier ones. Already the standard narrative is being trotted out: evildoers created by what the New York Times predictably called the ?root causes of terrorism?: autocracy, or economic stagnation, or Palestinian suffering, or globalization's dislocations, or Western historical sins, or the war in Iraq (the cause will depend on the political prejudices of the pundit) have ?hijacked? Islam and distorted its peaceful message. And now they are using Islam to justify murder in order to further their own ambitions or dysfunctional psychic needs. Given this explanation, so the story goes, we must be careful not to demonize all Muslims and assure them that we respect their religion and culture. The tale is then wrapped up with fierce threats against the terrorists and protestations of admiration for Islam.


The next few weeks will show whether the British have advanced as far down the road of dhimmitude as have the Spaniards, who responded to the murder of their citizens not with the force and resistance their ancestors showed for seven centuries, but with fear and appeasement. As for us, we'd better discard our illusions that the jihadists, as Thomas Freidman put it, are ?a cancer within the [Islamic] body politic? and accept instead that jihad just may be a vital organ. Then maybe we can see this war for what it is: one more episode in the long struggle between what used to be called Christendom and a religion of aggressive conquest and colonization.


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