Tuesday, June 21, 2005

News from the Front

Austin Bay has one of the best military blogs, period. He's been in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf regions for the past two weeks, and has been blogging from those locations. If you want a real sense of what's going on--particularly in Iraq--you'll be far better served by reading his blog that watching some network talking head from the Pentagon.

Pay particular attention to his 19 June post about an Iraqi Army battalion that has had great success in Baghdad. That unit--led by an Iraqi officer identified as "Colonel Muhammad"--is largely responsible for evicting terrorists from Baghdad's notorious Haifa Street. According to a U.S. Army general, the situation on Haifa has improved so much that he can now have a cup of tea with his Iraqi counterparts at a streetside cafe.

As Colonel Bay notes, "even CBS understands bullets." That's why the MSM reporting tends to focus on the car bombing of the hour, while ignoring many of the real success stories from Iraq.

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