Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Are We Winning?

Old habits die hard...after years of military and civil service, I've learned to enjoy a three-day weekend to the fullest, staying away from the office and the computer. However, there were events of note over the Presidents' Day weekend. Here are a couple that caught my eye.

CIA Director Porter Goss was on the Hill late last week, and he cautioned that Al-Qaida remains a serious threat. Within hours, his testimony had morphed into predictable--and slightly misleading--accounts of a resurgent Al-Qaida. True, bin Laden's organization is still a threat to our national security, and we can't discount the possiblity of new attacks against U.S. interests, both at home and abroad.

But the Al-Qaida of early 2005 is not the same organization that comandeered four U.S. jetliners on 9-11 and crashed them into the WTC and Pentagon, delivering a devastating blow to our economy and national psyche. James Dunnigan of StrategyPage.com has a timely update on the Al-Qaida of today.

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