Friday, May 25, 2012

"If Not Me, Then Who?"

A Memorial Day weekend reading assignment from retired Marine Corps Colonel Tom Manion, whose son, Travis, made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq in 2007.  As he reminds us, remarkable men and women keep stepping forward to wear the nation's uniform--and defend our freedom--despite a decade of war.

Excerpts from Colonel Manion's op-ed, published by The Wall Street Journal:

When my son died in Iraq, his U.S. Naval Academy roommate, Brendan Looney, was in the middle of BUD/S (basic underwater demolition) training to become a Navy SEAL. Devastated by his good friend's death, Brendan called us in anguish, telling my wife and me that losing Travis was too much for him to handle during the grueling training regimen.

Lt. Brendan Looney overcame his grief to become "Honor Man" of his SEAL class, and he served in Iraq before later deploying to Afghanistan. On Sept. 21, 2010, after completing 58 combat missions, Brendan died with eight fellow warriors when their helicopter crashed in Zabul province. He was 29. Brendan and Travis now rest side-by-side in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery.

"The friendship between First Lt. Travis Manion and Lt. Brendan Looney reflects the meaning of Memorial Day: brotherhood, sacrifice, love of country," President Obama said at Arlington on Memorial Day 2011. "And it is my fervent prayer that we may honor the memory of the fallen by living out those ideals every day of our lives, in the military and beyond."

But the essence of our country, which makes me even prouder than the president's speech, is the way our nation's military families continue to serve. Even after more than a decade of war, these remarkable men and women are still stepping forward.

On Memorial Day--and every day--they deserve our gratitude and thanks.  

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I found that WSJ article very moving.