Monday, September 21, 2009

Men of Honor?

Our new column for looks at military support for President Obama's revised missile defense system for Europe. Despite clear flaws in the plan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and members of the JCS have voiced strong support. In another era, a principled service chief (or other senior officer) would probably step down in protest, but times have clearly changed--and not for the better.

As we observe, doing the honorable thing requires (on occasion) that a general sacrifice his career and fight against terrible policies in other arenas. The lack of resignations following the missile defense announcement is both telling and disturbing.


Ed Rasimus said...

My last best hope is that Gen. McChrystal turns out to be a "man of honor" with the current situation.

Valerie Plame leaker? What about 66 page classified commander-in-the-field of combat presidential memo leaker?

Where is the outrage?

city said...

Shame more didn't step down in protest before we invaded Iraq.

Old Curmudgeon said...

City -- Why? Was there something shameful about that?

Hard to beleive, isn't it, that not too long ago, "Progressives" were people who fought against fascist dictatorships.