Friday, August 28, 2009

In Response to Senator Kennedy's Death

...We'd normally follow the advice of Thumper's mom, who told him (famously):

"If you can't say anything good about someone...don't say nothin'."

But for Ted Kennedy, we'll make one, slight exception. Turns out that "The U-Boat Commander" enjoyed jokes about Chappaquiddick. Let that sink in for a moment.

A young woman died on a summer night 40 years ago, thanks to Teddy's reckless (and very likely) drunken driving. And yet, he loved a good knee-slapper about his actions that caused the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Now, think about that statement a little more, and what it says about the man and his life.

When we first heard Glenn Beck mention Ted's love of a good Chappaquiddick joke, we assumed he was kidding. But that claim about the now-departed Senator wasn't an invention of Mr. Beck's fertile mind; it actually came from Ed Klein, a long-time Kennedy friend and confidant, who praised Teddy's ability to see "both sides" of a situation.

Wonder if the Kopechne family now sees the "humor" in the circumstances of her death?

Stop the ACLU has a link to Ed Klein's comments, from an NPR interview that aired yesterday.

Listen and be revolted.


Ken Prescott said...

A young woman died on a summer night 40 years ago, thanks to Teddy's wreckless (and very likely) drunken driving.

His driving was wreckful, not wreckless--but it was reckless.

Anonymous said...

What about his playing footsie with Andropov in 1985 in a coordinated effort to undermine Reagan?

Unknown said...


Thanks for the correction...I was in a rush and forgot to proofread.

tfhr said...

I do it all the thyme, thankfully theirs spell Czech.

chrisale said...

And by posting this petty little shot now that he's dead, you've lowered yourself to the level you accuse him of.

In fact, you've gone far below...


SMSgt Mac said...

Harrummmmph. I'd say that pointing out the moral depravity of the beast formerly known as 'Teddy' amid the fountains of gushing liberal whitewash is hardly a 'low'. It is more along the lines of 'maintaining proper perspective'.

And sadly, as the Great Taranto has often pointed out:
Mary Jo Kopechne is STILL unavailable for comment.

May you Rest in Peace, Ms. Kopechne.

Walter Clark said...

They're looking for something to name after the good senator, as a memorial. He was one of the strongest opponents of a proposed wind energy installation off Cape Cod. How about expediting the wind farm and name it the Kennedy/Kopechne Wind and Water facility. He provides the wind and the water is to memorialize her.