Monday, June 15, 2009

What Took So Long?

The 43rd Airlift Wing at Pope AFB, North Carolina has a new commander. Colonel James Johnson took over the wing today, after his predecessor, Colonel John McDonald, was fired.

Officially, the Air Force won't say why McDonald was canned. But he gained a reputation as a martinet during an assignment as a group commander at an airbase in Kuwait. Given McDonald's track record, we'd say his dismissal was inevitable. More on Colonel McDonald--and his past antics--in our new article for

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Boghie said...

Too funny...
Just too funny...

A clown like this forces decisions and actions to take place laterally - below his radar. He loses control of the unit. It slows the decision process to a crawl, and he will constantly complain about not being kept informed or that the process is flawed or whatever.

Glad a front line unit got rid of him.