Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Sex Scandal Done Right

When it comes to high-level hanky-panky, no one can beat the Brits. Not even Monica Lewinsky's late-night pizza deliveries and that infamous stained dress can compete with some of the British sex scandals of yore.

And, right on cue, there's another immensely entertaining tale of lust and debauchery that is currently rocking the U.K. This one involves, in no particular order, Formula One racing; a one-man/five-hooker orgy; whips, chains, various participants parading in Nazi garb, and of course, the obligatory You Tube video.

Oh, did we mention that the man at the center of this controversy is the son of Britain's most famous facist, Sir Oswald Mosley--and his mother remained "terribly fond" of Hitler until the end of her life? Or that their son had a spot of tea for his "ladies" after the Nazi sex-fest was over?

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet of the BBC provides the rest of the sordid details, in the current edition of the Weekly Standard.

According to Ms. Moutet, the man who arranged this little tryst, Formula One racing chief executive Max Mosley, paid a little under $5000 for his fantasy. Eliot Spitzer ought to demand a refund.

And to think that NASCAR fans were shocked, shocked! when Jeff Gordon divorced his first wife.

ADDENDUM: Today's News of the World has the latest bizarre turn in the Mosley scandal. Turns out that Max could be excommunicated from racing by the Pope! Turns out that the Vatican is a member of the the governing body of Formula One, the FIA, which will decide Mosley's fate.

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