Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That Buck Rogers Death Ray is Still on the Drawing Board

Bill Roggio at the Worldwide Standard tells us that Iran is at it again, making outrageous claims about its cutting-edge military technology. From the Tehran Times:

Air Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani said here on Monday that Iran has launched the project to manufacture stealth aircrafts.

“We have finished the design of stealth aircraft which cannot to be detected even by advanced radar systems, and the primary stages of its manufacture have started,” Miqani told reporters in a news conference.

As Mr. Roggio reminds us, the last time Iran unveiled a "new fighter" (supposedly comparable to a U.S. F/A-18), it turned out to be a twin-tail version of the F-5 Freedom Fighter, exported to the Shah's military 40 years ago. He also recounts other Iranian "super weapons" that have never quite lived up to their hype, citing various sources (including one of our previous posts on that world-beating F-5).

We're sure that the folks at the Skunk Works and Northrop-Grumman are duly unimpressed.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

All for domestic consumption no doubt, and to use as propaganda with gullible neighbors, and possibly to give some kind of aid aod comfort to our own "hands off Iran" crowd.

I'd be more worried about their low-tech stuff, and their already demonstrated ability to make things difficult for us in Iraq; not to mention their ability and predilection to manipulate oil prices.