Monday, July 31, 2006

A One-Sided Cease Fire

How did Hizballah respond to Israel's temporary suspension of airstrikes into southern Lebanon. By firing more than 140 rockets into northern Israel, of course, setting a one-day record for the current conflict.

Small wonder that the Israeli Air Force quickly cut short its bombing pause, and resume combat missions against Hizballah. It's a little difficult to sustain a cease-fire when the other guy keeps shooting.

I wonder if the IAF would be interested in "leasing" some B-52s and AC-130 gun ships. Nothing like a little strategic carpet bombing (from the BUFFs) to empty out those Hizballah enclaves. And, "Spooky" might be just the answer for those nighttime Katyusha attacks. It's tough to set up your rocket launcher when the gunship is showering the area with 25mm and 40mm cannon fire, with 105mm rounds thrown in for good measure, and all delivered with precision accuracy.

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