Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If You're Looking for a Hero

...he's not on the silver screen this summer, he wemt for a jog at the White House on Tuesday, with President Bush. Staff Sergeant Christian Bagge is a double amputee who was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Sergeant Bagge's right leg ends just above the knee, and his left leg was amputated at the ankle. When the President met Bagge last January, at Brooke Army Medical Center, the Army NCO told the Commander-in-Chief he wanted to run with him, despite his injuries. Privately, Mr. Bush reportedly had his doubts, given the soldier's long and difficult road to recovery. But barely six months later, Sergeant Bagge made good on his promise.

Read his story and be inspired. More amazingly, this account was written by Associated Press reporter Jennifer Loven, not the most objective correspondent on the White House beat.

P.S.--I just waiting for the Democrats to accuse Mr. Bush of "using" a wounded soldier for a photo op.

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ptg said...

Years ago I spent some time at Walter Reed. In the prosthetics department. The place was populated by heroes. Not just the soldiers who had given part of their all, but the Docs and Corpsmen and volunteers who wouldn't give up on them.