Monday, April 03, 2006

Galaxy Down


Philadelphia's WPVI has images of the downed C-5 aircraft. You'll note that the nose section broke off, and is lying perpindicular to the fuselage. The C-5 cockpit is located about 70 feet above the ground. It would appear to be a highly "survivable" crash, particulary for the pilots, flight engineers, and passengers on the troop deck. The previously referenced troop deck is also at the top of the fuselage, just before the vertical stabilizer.

WPVI coverage.

The station is also reporting that the C-5 had just taken off from Dover, experienced some sort of in-flight emergency, and was attempting to land at the base when it crashed.

One final note: Dover is home of one of the Air Force's active duty C-5 Wings. However, C-5s from other units--active duty, guard and reserve--also transit through Dover. At this point, it's unclear if the aircraft/crew was assigned to Dover, or another C-5 unit.


MSNBC is reporting that an Air Force C-5 Galaxy has crashed near Dover AFB, DE. Details of the accident are still sketchy, but reports indicated that 17 persons were on board the giant cargo aircraft when it went down. For long-range missions, the C-5 typically carries an augmented crew, with additional pilots, flight engineers and load masters on board. The aircraft can also carry up to 70 passengers, in a specially-configured troop deck near the tail of the aircraft. Military personnel and retirees flying on "Space A" (space available) status typically ride on the troop deck. At this point, it's unclear how crew members were assigned to the mission, and whether there were any passengers on board.


Early media reports indicate that the C-5 was on final approach and crashed just short of the runway, breaking into three pieces. There are reports of injuries.

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