Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Is Al Franken Ready for His Perp Walk?

When prosecutors in Palm Beach County, Florida went after Rush Limbaugh for "doctor shopping" in an effort to obtain pain killers, left-wing loon Al Franken chortled, saying he couldn't wait for El Rushbo's "perp walk."

Fast forward two years. Thanks to a recent court ruling, the case against Rush is in tatters. And, thanks to the growing Air America scandal, it looks like Franken might be taking a perp walk at some point in the future.

In their continuing investigative series on the Air America scam, Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney have caught Mr. Franken in a major lie regarding the struggling network's finances. You may recall that Air America's star host has claimed that he knew nothing (until recently) of the $875,000 "loan" from the Brox-based Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, and the original owners of the liberal radio network. Now, Malkin and Maloney have unearthed legal documents--signed by Franken--which transferred the assets of Air America to its new owners, Piquant Media.

According to the document, Piquant acknowledged the loan from Gloria Wise, and agreed to repay it. Of course, some of the money from the Boys and Girls Club allegedly came from federal programs, designed to aid underprivileged youth and Alzheimer's patients. One of Air America's creditors has labeled the asset transfer a "fraudulent conveyance." Authorities in New York are now looking into Air America's shady finances, including the transfer from Gloria Wise. Based on his signature, Mr. Franken knew of the "loan" at the time Piquant took control of Air America in November of last year--months before his original timeline.

Let's see...Al Franken was a signatory to a deal that may have been fraudulent. I'm not a lawyer, but wouldn't that make him a co-conspirator? I'm also wondering if New York investigators have talked with Mr. Franken, and how his original "version" of events squares with the reality of those legal documents.

In any event, Mr. Franken has some 'splainin to do. And if the answers aren't satisfactory, he might be doing a perp walk in the very near future, as the crooks from Air Enron, er America face the bar of justice.

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