Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Other Side of Cindy Sheehan

The MSM media has faithfully depicted Cindy Sheehan as a bereaved mother, angered by the loss of her son in Iraq, and steadfastly maintaining a lonely protest vigil outside President Bush's ranch.

Of course, anyone with an IQ higher than say, that of a member knows that Ms. Sheehan is merely the willing mouthpiece for an organized (and somewhat well-financed) anti-war movement. Afterall, Ms. Sheehan may be the only war protestor with her own, on-site flack from a pricey Washington P.R. firm, known for its work in liberal causes.

There are also indications that Ms. Sheehan is a bit thin-skinned, and doesn't like sharing the media stage with those who oppose her. Consider her recent run-in with Dallas talk show host Darrell Ankarlo. Mr. Ankarlo recently led about 400 KLIF listeners in a counter-protest against Ms. Sheehan, and to voice their support for the Iraq War and President Bush.

Filling in for Glenn Beck this morning, Ankarlo recounted Sheehan's reaction when confronted by the counter-protestors. Speaking to her supporters, Sheehan informed them that Ankarlo (who had previously interviewed her on his show) had made unkind remarks about her. At that point, some rather large Sheehan supporters (probably union thugs) began moving toward Ankarlo and his listeners, in an effort to intimidate them. Their efforts failed, and the anti-war gorillas returned to their side of the road. Later, Ms. Sheehan's PR flack told Ankarlo that he was a "f-----g a--h--e."

Mr. Ankarlo, whose son is a Marine (now preparing for a second tour of duty in Iraq), deserves credit for standing up to Cindy, her union buddies, and her PR machine. As Ankarlo notes on his website, the hastily organized counter-protest dwarfed the anti-war crowd. Of course, you never saw that in the MSM. I'm sure that Melanie Morgan's pro-military caravan, now winding its way to Crawford, will receive similar coverage.

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