Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Empty Suit

A tip of the hat to Scott Johnson at Powerline, always the first stop in our daily review of the blogosphere. Scott has an excerpt from Bob Casey Jr.'s interview with the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer--a paper that has endorsed Mr. Casey's bid to unseat incumbent Republican Rick Santorum.

In an exchange on various anti-terrorism initiatives (including the NSA terrorist surveillance program and interrogation of detainees), Casey demonstrates almost no knowledge of these critical topics, stringing together talking points and sound bites in an effort to answer the questions.

If you watched the recent TV debate between Santorum and Casey (sponsored by Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV, and carried by C-SPAN), you saw the same approach on a grand scale. Mr. Casey seems incapable of anything resembling an original thought, and (when rattled) he even has trouble reciting the Democratic Party line.

The scary part is that Mr. Casey will, in all likelihood, be the next Senator from Pennsylvania. Even scarier is the fact that the Inquirer--having recorded Casey's feeble grasp of critical issues--would endorse such an empty suit.

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Tom Paine said...

Cynical Joe,

Casey knows nothing of anti-terrorism initiatives, and you claim his emptiness is "really irrelevant".

Change your name from "Cynical" to "Silly".

Truth in advertising, y'know.